Showing Online Status

I think it would be a cool feature if we could see if a member is currently online. I’m thinking of a green icon with “Online” next to the username. Something like that.



Definitely no for me. If it is, make it an option please.


Mhm, dunno. It could end up in a: “You were online, why didn’t you answer me!” - thing. On the other hand it could be handy but I think the “last seen” area is enough for me. :)

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I would love this

Yeah true. Haven’t thought about this, but I guess we are all mature members on here :)

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Do you mean in the forum? I thought you mean in the game, but in the forum the “last seen” thing is something like that. If it says just now, then he should be online :) not always, but sometimes :)

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I’m always online, so not a problem for me😂

Yeah I am talking about in the forum

Most forums have this at the bottom where you can see which members are online.

Maybe a feature for the Liveflight app @carmalonso? Has some privacy concerns though.

For the forum, it would need to be done in discourse itself or with a plugin for discourse. It’s been discussed on discourse meta forum and I don’t think it will be added anytime soon.

Not a bad idea.

Something like that is already developed by @lollip ;)

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I am wondering how people might benefit from it…
On Facebook you can start a chat when you see someone is online- but is that something for the IF-community?

It will probably be implemented just because it is possible.