Showing non-existent vote

  • Phone is a Samsung Galaxy core prime - 4.5" display, running Android 5.1.1

  • Using Google Chrome - stable edition

[In case you don’t know, discourse has just released a new beta version and this forum is running it.]

Weird glitch here, whenever I click on a vote box to see the voters, it shows me as being a voter, yet I haven’t voted and the total clearly indicates this.

I would raise a bug issue on the official discourse meta, but I believe the voting is a plug-in and therefore not officially supported by discourse (I may be 100% wrong here)

Any help appreciated.


This happens to me sometimes

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I’m not getting this on desktop or iOS. Hm…


Will attempt a repro on the stock Samsung internet browser

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@schyllberg works fine on Samsung internet, seems to be a Chrome issue :/

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Yeah I have the same thing sometimes on iOS (not desktop). I think discourse meta would be the place to report this, however. My heads on the block if you aren’t meant to report it there, however.


No I have gotten it in Safari, so not a Chrome issue. Have also gotten it on desktop.

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Which desktop browser? Microsoft Edge is immune to it.

Finally, Edge doesn’t have a bug that Safari and Chrome have. :-D

This has happened to me ever since the feature was implemented, even if I haven’t voted. It doesn’t seem to be a bug or anything, probably just showing what would happen if you voted.

I haven’t tested this on desktop, and also, only Safari and Chrome are officially supported by discourse

I get this on iOS only. Like what Ed said, I’ve experienced it ever since votes were introduced.


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