Showing Grade 3 but can’t connect in the Server

So guys i am Grade 3, which is shown in the first picture but when i join expert server it says immediatly after spawning that i am grade 2. I don‘t really get it, i checked my stats and nothing is seen there that should drop me down on grade 2… please help me

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Hi there! Can you try signing out of Infinite Flight, restart your device and then reboot and then sign back in for us please.

Also, if your Grade Table is not updating you could do a short 5-10 minute flight on the Casual Server to remediate this.

It could also be because of your violation count. If so read this topic.

I did t see anything about your violations in the above pictures.

Typically there would be a different message if that were the case @con

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Merhaba @Talhacan_Yildiz ,
Uygulamayı silip tekrar denedin mi? Grade 3 isen bunu normalde göstermemesi gerekir… Moderatörler büyük bir ihtimalle senin için bir çözüm yolu arıyorlar

(Hello Talhacan,
Have you tried re-installing the app? If you’re Grade 3 it should not display this issue. Probably the mods are searching for a solution.)