Showing good connection, ATC can't hear my transmission

Has this happened to anyone else? Notice that I have a strong connection. I repeatedly sent the messages because I did not want to be ghosted.

Any thoughts / advice ?


Hmmm… Confusing.

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We have been experiencing this issue lately there is nothing you can do about it nor the ATC.

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Fair enough…maybe it’s time to buy a nice new server…or rent some server space from amazon. Boost the bandwidth.

Still a good day on IF, ton of people in Australia.

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This happens sometimes. I don’t think it has anything to do with connection, rather game software.

This happened today for me while trying to contact approach flying into Honolulu. Very frustrating, received a violation for it as well…

While we try to provide a great ATC expierence for all aircraft. We know that connection problems occur for both pilots as well as ATC. If you have been Ghosted and you feel it was done by mistake do to a connection issue, please contact the controller or a supervisor.

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You guys did a great job at Hawaii today from what I saw, luckily I didn’t receive a ghost, it was just odd.

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it happened to me as well, i was inbound for wsss and the ATC just could not hear me. i landed without permission and didnt get ghosted.

Also experienced the opposite what happens is when you lose connection for a few moments or seconds it messes the system up.

It happens to me as ATC trying to talk to planes. To solve it you must restart the flight or operation.