Showing British Colors!

What has it been? Several days since a #screenshots-and-videos topic from me. How dare I!

This flight is a 10 hour long haul flight from my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada to the rainy and foggy skies of London. Operated by British Airways’ 777-200ER was this daily route also known as BAW2276 that recently had been temporarily suspended due to the v i r u s :(

Positive Rate, Gear Up over 26R

A pass over the Rockies at sunset!

Another moonshot that decided to fail me as the moon is slightly off-centered 😒

Cockpit Vibes at FL360

The parallel contrast between the light and the shadow

Lining up for the ILS at Gatwick and lAnDiNg 26R

50, 40, 30 ,20 ,10, Butter Extremely Soft Landing of -36 V/S


@AvioesEJogos, this is for you.:)

Awesome pics @ItsBlitz!

@Tsumia: Gatwick


Oooh! Oooh! Gatwick!

Love the first one, the lighting is just perfect :^)


These are amazing photos! I saw you taxing to the gate at EGKK

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I. Am. Drooling.

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ooooiiiiii she’s ehh beaut ye she is lol. nice pics though.

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