Showcase - Our Best Photos of 2022

As the final month of 2022 is coming up, I thought we could share some of our work that we’ve created this year.

Although I already have a few topics up, showcasing my work, these are the ones that mean the most to me, either through looks, or by a strong attachment to it.

Please do drop your best photos too in your reply, I love scrolling through and checking out everyone’s photos and sharing the same passion and love for aviation.

Originally created for @QantasVirtualGroup, i still view this as one of my favourite photos of the year, simply due to the compositional techniques i applied without even knowing of 😂

Having spent a silly amount of time simply scrolling through Instagram and looking through all the jaw-dropping sunset images, i wanted to make one that was as close to reality as possible. With the added clouds and the shadows on the wing, this definitely deserves a spot in my favourites category!

Now let’s all be honest, who doesn’t love a good moon shot 😏

I hope you all enjoy these photographs, and do drop yours below! If you would like to know more about the way I edit, what software I use/recommend, or more, don’t hesitate to drop a message or a simple comment!
Unfortunately i was unable to pop some of my absolute favourites in as these would be going against the guidelines of #screenshots-and-videos, however you can still check them out on my Instagram account 👉

I hope you have had a lovely 2022 🫡
All the best,
Balazs Kocsis


Clean Editing alright, Great Stuff! 👌🏽


Thank you, Anshul! Truly appreciate the feedback 🥰

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Amazing photos

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I love your photos!

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Thank you Theo! Much appreciated!

It’s all in the looks ;) anyone is able to create such photos!

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