Show your love for Aviation

Okay, this might sound a little weird. But I litterly say good night to all my model planes, and they are less than 5 feet away from me! Lol, share what you do that might be a little weird, but for aviation πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚

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When ever a large plane such as 747 come into my airport I begin going crazy


I have 10 aviation magazines underneath my pillow (I read if I can’t sleep) and I have a Boeing 100 Years jet Era poster next to my bed

Also a calendar

Airplane clock


Where did you get the Calender from? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Airliner World. Not sure which issue though. It has all the Aviation related events of the year on it. I suppose …

It came with a magazine. But the website is pretty good to look at for aviation news.

I start freaking out when I am at an airport and I see we are going on a 747 or an A380 and start saying a ton of facts about them like a nerd to my dad and he’s like how did you know that and can you please keep quiet for a bit?

Whenever I See a 747 And Take a Glance at it, I Start Daydreaming About its History and Facts And then I Just Start Telling People Facts about it. Its Really Weird.

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Even though my dad is a physician, he actually has some knowledge about aviation, being two of his uncles are pilots. He actually listens to me when I tell him random facts about planes.


I sit on an pole for hours to take a picture of a plane that has never came to the airport before. (I did that yesterday)

Love your clock!

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I would do stuff like that, except it’s a one-hour one-way drive to the airport through downtown Houston traffic…although we do get a Lufthansa A380 here in Houston (:

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My Daron Qantas a380 (Nancy Bird Walton), American 777-200 in the old livery, and Delta 767. The others are Matchbox aircrafts, which has fictional liveries. In that bookshelf, there is a Herpa Boeing House 777-200LR and a Skymark Alitalia a330-200. Those are my love for aviation :)

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