Show your landing Skills. Fly-In Courchevel

Would you like to apply your landing skills in one of the most difficult airport in the world. Join this event where we will takeoff from Geneva (LSGG) and land 50 nm away in Courchevel (LFLJ) in the middle of the Alpes

Only high skilled pilots are authorized to land in Courchevel.

The event will be held on the Expert Server on Saturday February 17th at 05h30 Zulu.

Only TBM will be accepted for this event. No chance to land with a bigger aircraft.



The challenge has been accepted


Allow me to introduce myself

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I regularly land the CL35 there 👿👿


I’lll join witha 747 😁

That’s fine @United403

Good luck with 747 @anon87523340 🤣

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You can expect my 757

@EGhossein what is the recommended aircraft?


@American367 TBM should be fine

Ok so I will take the TBM-930

expect my Air France A380 guys

Good luck to keep it in one piece @KattasiumAviation 🤣

Challenge Accepted
See my 737-800

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I cannot attend anymore I looked at the time and its at midnight for me

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I realized fhe same thing I will be asleep
It’s 11:30 pm my time

Its 12:30 AM my time

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I love how everybody saw this as a challenge 😂 757 should be no issue

Nailed it

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