Show Violations on ATC Log

I couldn’t find a topic about it so my apologies if it is a duplicate.

I see many people posting messages about violations and ghosting and how they were either unaware that it happened or why. I too have had a violation or two under FL100 for speeding. I was paying attention to other items and missed the message on the top bar.

My request is if it would be possible to log violations and even ghosting messages to the ATC log so we can look back and see if one occurred? This may help to eliminate confusion come the end of the flight when we see the summary. I am not looking for details on ghosting or anything advanced, just the same message that shows in the top bar to be saved in the ATC log for reference.

This could really come in handy now that people are flying longer flights. The goal is to be able to see violations mid-flight and not wait until after the flight is over.

Just a thought. Thank you for all you do!


Well I believe it tells you how many violations you gained during a flight when you exit…

Yes. But at that point it is a surprise to the pilot. A pilot may have seen red text but not have time to actually read it. It would be nice to be able to look at the log and see that they received a violation for speeding on the ground. Seeing a count at the end is nice but seeing why helps to reinforce the rule and allow the pilot to correct it in future flights.


And maybe they could implement a text box where the controller can write why he/she ghosted users and whatnot so it can be seen in the log if it applies.


This was exactly what I was about to write.

I have just been flying to EGLL being vectored up to approach. I was then passed to tower while another user was close to me on the same approach. I had landing clearance (but will say I had a poor internet connection) so unsure if I was in the wrong.

I have been reported by a user but have no way of looking into this as I can’t find out who it was now the flight ended. Before I had the chance to to see who reported me, the bar had disappeared.

I believe it would be valuable for learning if you could always see your ATC log, so you can see exactly where you went wrong and correct it in the future.


All you really need to do is use LiveFlight not really a need for this LiveFlight is free on the App Store it shows your Violations Ghosts all kinds of cool information :)

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I have live flight too. How can I look at them? I paid for the subscription but can only see who is online and airport info. I can’t see anything to do with my violations etc etc.

Maybe you can point me in the right direction

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The original request was not to simply see the violations but for it to be in the sim as part of the session summary or atc log so you can see while flying when they occurred. Live Flight shows you totals just as your stats screen shows you totals. The end of the flight shows violations but it would be nice to see it in the ATC log along with an entry if you were reported during your session.


What you do is spawn in on a server figure out where your at go out of infinite flight go instantly into LiveFlight and look where you at you will be there :)

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Would be a great idea to see what you should work on :)

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I am also thinking it can help pinpoint where it happened. If you saw you were reported after requesting takeoff then that would help facilitate the dialog with the controller.

But with 0 votes it probably wont make it. Seems like people only want liveries and views from seat 12B only… oh well. (sad face)


Exactly, that’s what I’m trying to say. I think it will be better. How can you correct something if you don’t know what was wrong?

This is a great idea! Just wanna give a quick scinario: Approach has just given you a heading and altitude assignment. If you are like me you focus on making the turn first and quickly making the altitude adjustment. During this time (again if you are like me) 100% of your focus is on disengaging the auto pilot, smoothly making the turn, and steadily and efficiently decending. Only thing is your not watching your speed and you got up to 250+ knots during your decent. So the system starts yelling at you, but you don’t see the warnings and approach hands you off to tower, and Tower on guards you because you forgot to call inbound on the ILS and BAM! Speed voilation reported and tower is on the verge of ghosting you.

I’m regularly listening and checking my ATC logs for instructions no matter what. So it would be extremely helpful to me and anyone who is like me to see that warning and or report in the ATC logs.

Awesome idea @Chris_S! It has my vote


It doesn’t tell you what your violations were. LiveFlight can’t show data that IF can’t give it, and as IF doesn’t record this info LF couldn’t give it to you. This request is for a log that shows why you recieved a violation and also maybe the time it happened

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You may be able to see this thread now

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I honestly like this idea and maybe it could have an option to where you could appeal the violation.

I think the appeal option is a loooooong shot. Too many people will come up with excuses. My finger slipped, dropped my device, brother had my ipad. There’s no way to police it.


That’s true, anyways good idea mate cheers!

I agree. It would be full of excuses and cause for conflict. I’d just like to know what I did wrong and how to correct it in the future.

Now that we have more pilots “flying” (Auto pilot while out watching a movie) longer flights, it would be nice if when you ended the flight that it showed you a date, time, and reason for the violations.

I tried to edit my post but because it was so long ago I cant. Trying not to request a 2nd in the same thread lol.