Show terrain

Why do I not have the option to see terrain on the flight map? Also I am curious why my graphics are not as good as they appear in the tutorials?

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The tutorials you watched are most likely old. They also have the old map which does not show terrain. And the graphics had a change when Global released so the water in some peoples opinions is a bit worse such as the terrain.

You can also adjust the graphics in the settings.

That is from pre-global and was glitchy upon entering global so it was removed.

The way to fix this is by going to graphics settings, turning on anti-aliasing, and having the render quality be at Best.


Hello! The show terrain feature has been removed from the app for the time being, however it is planned to be redone in the future.

Anyways, welcome to the community! Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming, so don’t be afraid to hang around.

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