Show platform details of the destination airport

In IF, before we spawn at a certain airport, we can see the gates, the gate types (GA, cargo, maintenance, etc) and from this and the colour (white or red), we determine the best place to spawn our aircraft. We’ve all seen a picture similar to the one from Pittsburg Int.

When we would zoom in, we see the gate details.

Feature request

My request is for pilots to see the same platform details of their destination airport as they have of the airport where (before) they spawned

After spawning at a gate and planning our flight, I want us to be able to easily see the platform layout of the destination airport, to determine:

  1. if our aircraft would actually fit there somewhere and
  2. where would be a good place to park.

If this is a feature that would help you and others, then forget about your new livery votes, clouds and platform lights (they’re gonna come anyway) and cast your vote here!

There are of course plenty of sources where we can find airport platform layouts, etc. I also realize that many of us fly real-life routes and may have all this info via other sources, and don’t see a use for this feature.
This request would help the spontaneous non-real-life flight pilots, who want to fly between two staffed airports.

Great request! Adds a lot of realism to the game! I will see if I can clear a vote!

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This is a really cool idea and would also help to navigate to your chosen spot (even if you have selected it with FR24 or other sources).

Definitely something I would like those! Voted!

Thanks for the idea and post!


Might be a lot of work for the DEV team but i do like the idea of a more detailed map of airports.

As a suggestion, you can use LiveFlight for finding Airport maps in IF and gate sizes

Definitely need this. I’ll find a vote to clear, if I can…


I’ll find a vote to clear, this is much needed!


Bumping this as I believe this deserves some more votes and I saw someone asking for this today.