Show Off Your Infinite Flight Route Map

Do you mind posting a link? I’d like to see specific of the stats

I clearly don’t have a life. Lol. Link to my stats is in my bio!

Nah but mine is 🥵

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Mine still doesn’t have all my flights, but it’s updated regularly :)

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Mine is likely several times more crazy - but I don’t have the time or patience to make it 🤣

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Little update, here is a map of all the routes I have done since 21.1’s release with buildings. Almost 2,500 hours logged on these flights (which were logged with the previous in real in game flight time), which is a 1/5 of my overall flight time.


Damnit, now I want to do this. Ugh

It’s heavily satisfying, but also time spending. Quite amazing how I can remember almost every flight and the airline I took. Definitely interesting, especially for me as I spread across every commercial airport possible, seeing how well it spreads.

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I know right, it’s so satisfying! And out of the 130+ flights I’ve done this summer I didn’t need to look at any of the replays or stats to remember them!

I have a lot more pages than that - and I am questioning whether I really want to go through it all…🤣

This is just my 2021 flights

Nice! Thanks for sharing

Adding my 2021 flights right now. Might take a while😅

Finally finished logging all of my 2021 flights so far (they are updated regularly).

I think i need to fly a little more…

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How do we get this to show our routes?

You should be able to create or log in to an account via MyFlightradar24 and click ‘Add Flight’ at the top right.

You’ll need to enter the date, and departure + arrival airport. I personally add the aircraft, airline and flight time to the details to give realistic information and get some good statistics out of it.

Not very impressive but here is mine