Show Me Your Airshow Photos

Show me your photos of airplanes that you saw at airshow’s and what air show! Here are mine:

This was a the California Capitol Air Show! In Sacramento CA.


FiFI! Big ole beautiful bird


Love the Blue Angels! I go see them at Jones Beach here on Long Island every Memorial Day Weekend for the huge air show.

California International Airshow


I used to go to the Travis Air Expo ever year 2006-2011, and then they discontinued it. Always had a Thunderbirds performance. See if I can dig up photos.

Real nice photos, but I thought #real-world-aviation:spotting topics were to have photos only from one spotting session. Correct me if I’m wrong @Carson.

I have no idea. @MishaCamp help.

I think so

@anon31652286 (and) @Carson. The creator of the topic stated this was from one airshow, maybe not the other posts in the topic, but the rules are regarding the creator of the topic, sorry if it is hard to follow.

Yes, I’ve seen that, but others have posted photos from other airshows. From the guidelines topic, it says one spotting session per topic.

I see…okay, my fault ;)

What are you talking about? I see other people have posted more than one photo, not just myself.

This topic:

States that you should “create one topic per aircraft or spotting session”. This means in each #real-world-aviation:spotting topic, there should be only photos from one spotting session. You’ve posted photos from a different location and taken them at a different time to where and when @Pilot_Kayden took his photos, and I used your post as an example. @Pilot_Kayden obviously didn’t know that there should be only photos from one spotting session per spotting topic, so he wrote “Show me your Airshow Photos” as the title. So as per the guidelines, there should only be Kayden’s photos in this topic ;)