Show me the way to San Jose

A few months ago I did a flight on the Training Server from SAN to @BigBert10’s favourite airport SJC the flight time was about an hour during sunset the airline and aircraft chosen was a Southwest Airlines Canyon blue
1 taxing to the runway at SAN

2 Climbimg off of runway 27 at SAN

3 In cruise (over the water)

4 In cruise (over the mountains)

5 In cruise (over Los Angeles)

6 Go Around at SJC

7 Landed at SJC

    1. Taxiing to Runway 27
    1. Rotate off of 27
    1. In cruise (over water)
    1. In cruise (over the mountains)
    1. In cruise (over L.A)
    1. Go Around at SJC
    1. Landed at SJC

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That should be removed;) but other than that good pictures👍🙂

One suggestion next time go to replay and take pictures as they’re pretty blurry and you can change the render quality and everything take the picture and then change it back and such 🙂👍


You can delete that extra stuff, you know ;)

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Thanks for the reminder @Alphadog4646 and @anon41771314!


Next time try to go in replay mode and make the quality to the max but great pics!


Thanks for flying to San Jose! According to the market manager (or whatever you call it) for Alaska Airlines, San Jose doesn’t get the attention it deserves so it’s the Bay’s best-kept secret!

Thanks for helping out and giving life to SJC! :D


As @ThomasThePro said Screenshot in the Replay mode. Then you can get bigger and better Photos.

Anyways Great Shots!

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