Show/Hide Pro aircraft (non-Pro players)

Since my Pro subscription has recently expired, I’m back to the free regions and aircraft. Besides not having the option of the 6 months and 1 year subscriptions (although it’s somewhat understandable, with 3D buildings costing a lot to maintain, plus the ever increasing quality of new aircraft), one of my biggest annoyances is the fact that option to show/hide Pro-only aircraft went missing.

While I understand it’s to try to get more people to buy Pro to have access to all of those aircraft with a padlock on them, I just find it a bit annoying having to scroll trough all of them to find a free aircraft lost in the middle of a ton of Pro-only aircraft.

Here’s an old screenshot from 2020, when the option was still avaliable:

they removed it??!! that was literally like 3months ago i didn’t have pro and it was still there

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