Show heading of invisible airplanes on ground

Sometimes, there are too many planes around you, and some of them show as white squares. It would be nice to show which way they are facing so you can tell a conflict easier without having to use the map all the time (which is also not available in outside view). A good way to do this is an arrow pointing in the direction of the head of the aircraft.

I’m just a little confused why you wouldn’t use your map?
Like I always can just look at it and see what the plane is trying to do.
When you say “outside view,” are you piloting the aircraft outside the cockpit?

Furthermore if arrows just show the direction, there’s other variables such as altitude and speed that you still need to determine if there’s any conflict and how to respond to that conflict, so in all you’d still have to use the map…

Think he just talking about on the ground during taxi.