Show Gate Numbers on Screen

Some of us love to have realistic flights. Now there’s nothing like finishing a realistic flight with parking at the correct gate. However, you can’t do that without looking at a map of the airport to find where to park. Do you find yourself constantly asking, “Hey, where should I park?” or “Is this the right terminal?” Fear not, young one! This feature request would put an end to your mystery and also allow you to hold fly-ins better.

When you have the setting “Show Airport Name” on, you are able to see the airport names as well as runways as a little tag over the runway or airfield.

What am I proposing? I am asking that these tags be made to show for the available gates. I think this would unlock a whole new sector of the realistic flight by being able to park your aircraft in the right spot instead of wherever is closest. This would also make holding fly-in events really easy to do.

Godspeed, and I hope I’ve convinced you to let go of a vote in favor of this feature.

Got my vote!


I completely agree, I love this idea and I thought it would be a good influence Nation for a long time. I wish I could vote but I’m currently out of votes until I move up to my next trust level


Are you talking about this? (quoted from this thread: Gate numbers as taxiway indicators)

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While I like the idea of this feature, I feel it would be better suited to have the gate numbers on the map as I personally don’t like numbers floating randomly in the air. Hence why I have them turned off for runways. Would love to see it in IF, just in a different form!

Who knows, this may not be too far out of reach considering the new high quality taxiway map we will be gettin in 20.1. Very possible the new map could have room for this to be added some time in the future!


Would be awesome!


@Thunderbolt Nope, different. Slightly

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I want this, sometimes I don’t feel like having to go back and forth looking at charts to make sure I’m at the right gate when I land.

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Me yelling at myself “Whyyyyyyyy!” I know, I know, I gave him permission to remake this. Similar yes… however one is painted as a ground marking and the other is an aerial marking. I’m torn… lol


Seems like something for airport editors and if that is to be the case idk how to add them since what we work with doesn’t have the gate number thing 🤔


Voted nice idea

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I think this is an awesome idea, although I do have one concern with it: I think that all of the tags might just cover each other and be hard to read at busy airports. Imagine seeing 150 gate tags!

I still think this is a great idea so I have a proposal that could go along with this: add the ability to display only selected gate tags. For example, let’s say I just landed in Denver, and I’m looking for C17. I could select that I wanted just the C17 tag to be displayed in a menu. That way I see what gate I want to go to, and only that. Of course, you could display all of them, none of them, or certain ones.


Take a look at Oshkosh 😬


We need this. Got my vote ;)

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Got my vote

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I totally agree with this it is so frustrating realizing you have gone to the wrong gate. You have my vote.

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It’s always a pain to go to FR24 or FlightAware, load a replay of the flight, and then matchup those replay data with gates in the sim, especially when the gates aren’t labeled the same way as in the airport, as the passenger experience.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve landed successfully, had an uneventful and peaceful flight, only to have it dinged by me arriving at the wrong gate.

For example, I was recently doing a flight from NZAA-KSFO in a UA B772, and I was supposed to arrive at SFO in Gate 96 at the international terminal, however, I seemed to park one more gate over to the left and arrived at Gate 94. Although the entire terminal would have worked (and thus didn’t annoy me as much) I would have loved to arrive at the actual gate the last replayed flight had arrived at too.

Unfortunately, I’m out of votes, but my support is absolutely, positively, 100% here!!

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I think the screen would be a bit too crowded, especially for gates with A B C and main gate. However, if you’re subscribed to Live Flight Horizon you can see any airport’s chart with all the gates which is already a great thing ;)

Great idea. This has got my vote.
It would be excellent if they placed gate numbers on the ground like they do at real airports too.

I actually really like this. I feel like this is something that should show up as a faint text, much like the gamer tags, but maybe a little smaller and more faint. This option obviously should be able to be turned off in settings. I’m finding a vote for this though! Really like the idea!