Show current frequency on aircraft popup

When it’s extremely busy, and you’re manning a radar facility and tower for that matter, it can take precious time to find out what frequency an aircraft entering your airspace is on. You currently have to tap the aircraft, then tap on info which docks the info panel on the left side of the screen. Then you scan the list to find his frequency, and finally you have to remove the dock. Then if you need to send Guard, you need to tap the aircraft again!

My feature request is to include the aircraft current frequency on the initial popup so you can determine immediately if it’s appropriate to send Guard.

Since we don’t support the graduated reporting scheme, might as well replace the 2 report items with a single Report User


We used to have this

I think he means the small box that comes up next to the aircraft when you click it, not the full info panel.

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Modified the initial post to show what I’m asking for.

Great idea Gary

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