Show Country/State Borders

MMany IF regions have borders with other states or countries. I think a cool addition would be to show the borders on the map with some sort of marking so we know when we have entered in another country or state. This will also be helpful when global flight comes out.

Opinions? Comment below.


Maybe there should be a notification on the top of the screen, like when you get a new heading on the flight plan. Example: If I was flying from Texas to Oklahoma, it would tell me at the top of the screen.


Like a “Now Entering Oklahoma” message


Yes, exactly

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They would create disputes b/w IF and countries with disputed borders (disputed borders would have a lot of issues)


I have to disagree with you.

Please state why :)

What do you mean by disputed borders?

Both countries claim a piece of land and they do not agree with other’s claim of land

Oh ok I see what you mean but I don’t see it as a problem.

Other simulators use borders and I’ve never heard of any problems with the placement of them. The devs have no opinion on where borders belong due to politics or other tensions. They’re only placing borders based on third-party sources and info e.g. Google Earth/Maps


What about a different border symbol for disputed borders?

Good example: Amsterdam region with Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. Countries can be bold black, Counties (like in Canada) could be dotted bold black and States could be dotted black :)


Eh. Useful perhaps as a reference point but there are enough disputed borders out there that there are bound to be issues with some users (Crimea, Sudan vs. South Sudan, etc.)

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To prevent any arguments over borders, how about the devs just do the borders that are officially established and leave the disputed borders out?

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How about we only include borders that aren’t in dispute if they are we do not included them to not start a huge argument :)

Problem is, not everyone accepts the official borders, so arguments wouldn’t be prevented. This would be a better option if they have to put a disclaimer somewhere claiming which borders they are using.

Those that do believe in the disputed borders will have an issue.

Why would they have a dispute. If it is because the devs did not include it, the excuse would be that “we”(devs) don’t want to offend anyone so “we”(devs) decided to not include either one.

@Szta_Jonathan @Boeing707 take a look at the borders google maps uses. Why can’t the devs just use those? If there were problems with the borders that Google uses, then there probably wouldn’t be google maps because of the huge criticism they’d receive over their own border placement


Let’s say the devs want to represent Crimea as Russia (“Welcome to Russia”). Some Russians wouldn’t mind that, but some Ukranians and folks around the world would take issue to that. From the other perspective, they could represent Crimea as Ukraine (“Welcome to Ukraine”). Some Ukranians and Russians wouldn’t have an issue, but others would. If it is not there, some Russians that fly thorugh Ukraine and over Crimea may wonder why there isn’t a “Welcome to Russia” message, and vice versa.

If any, this is the best solution.