Show appreciation to ATC all times

Speaking from being IFATC for 2 1/2 months now, I can say that almost all of us enjoy a simple thank you or something along those lines, even if we don’t reply. That is unless you say it at a time that very obviously implies you are being rude or sarcastic about it, you know what I mean. I had also made a topic on this type of thing before I joined IFATC, wondering how ATC view it. All the responses said they appreciate it. :)


Thanks very much for this reply and your service in ATC and “thank you good day”


I always am sure to say it as soon as I takeoff to tower, as soon as approach clears me to ILS/GPS approach I say it to them, and when I stop at the gate I say it to ground control. It shows that someone appreciates their work, it can definitely lift them up if they’re stressed out with a bunch of dimwits, or just having a bad day.


Don’t worry. My way of being lifted up after dealing with those nincompoops is to shout obscene language at the screen after clearing them. Those cluster pieces of [redacted] don’t deserve the [redacted] piece of crap I shove at them every day.

A year and a half changes a man.


Spam thank you.

Love it.


That’s why you are one of the best ATC out there.


I could not agree more. Personally when I’m controlling (even when busy) it feels good to hear the words thank you.


Thanks very much you guys deserve it


I also say “thank you good day” all the time.


He might well be the best.


Is always welcomed "thank you,good day ", generally I always give back "you welcome " if I don’t give back is only for 2 reason: 1)I’m extremely busy. 2) your acting is not good/I’m not happy with you.


For my sake let’s hope it’s not the latter of those two…I hate messing up and making you guys mad at me lol

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Iberia 265 and Lot 265 thank you!

I wanted to contact you about training for atc

You have to be TL1 (basic user) to be able to send messages. Just wait a bit and be productive and then you can message him also read this article below ;

Also please do not spam him he will see it eventually

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I understand what your trying to say here but im going to say the same that many already have, it’s just to busy at some airports to have that going over the frequency as well. I understand what you are trying to do but we would appreciate it more if you made an effort to just follow all of our instruction with as little time wasted as possible. It really is the thought that counts though. If you are in an airport that has 10 or less airplanes id say that it would be alright. Thank you for your consideration though!

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Thanks to all ATC controllers that I did not appreciate in my last flights, thanks for your great job :) Please continue and have patience with me, I’m still learning :D

I also “thanks” to some trolls from today that trolled me during my hard windy flight in England ;)

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Just Bringing this back up, because I feel like this is very important!

When you land or switch frequencies: Say “Thank You” or “Good Day”

These controllers dont get anything for being ATC… But they do it anyway, because they enjoy it and love it!

Even if the controller was horrible… Tell them Thanks for spending there time.



Necroposting on a questionable topic.