Show all unanswered ATC instructions instead of latest one in pilot's screen

Current behaviour

While flying, when ATC sends multiple instructions in quick succession, only the latest one is shown at the top of screen.
Only if pilot opens chat history and reads it, pilot will figure out that actually two instructions were given.

Example: Here I missed “turn right heading 100” because it was not shown on my screen when I looked at my device

Expected behaviour

All unanswered (not responded) instructions are shown at top of screen instead of just the latest one.

Maybe in the response, keep it as it is. That is, respond to only latest instruction.

I like this idea, however, it is the pilots responsibility to follow all instructions and they should be responsible enough to respond when given an atc instruction.

OP was literally given two seconds to see the first message.

Although, as a side note, I believe in this case it might still show up at the top right of your ATC menu.

That’s not my point. My point is it is the pilots responsibility to respond to all messages.

Yes, but I think in this case it’s somewhat reasonable to give the pilot the benefit of the doubt seeing as 2 seconds is barely time for the ATC icon to flash once and if they’re not looking intently at their screen in that second the audio won’t come through until a couple dozen seconds later as the airspace looks busy.

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Agree! But when the message comes and you don’t respond…the controller will send it again or ask to follow instructions