Shoutout to today's ATC

Lauderdale-Hollywood and Lynden Pindling,
That’s twice today that you didn’t leave me dwindling,
With controlling skills at Nassau and all around the Fort,
Again you have shown and to all pilots taught,

That your skills are unmatched and we all do know,
That we’re in good hands with your skills on show,
And you did great job as you do every time,
Getting planes rolling and into the climb.

So please don’t forget that the work that you do,
Is well respected and so thank you,
For the service that you give and the time that you spend,
The joy and the experience makes it worth it in the end.

Good times.


Glad to hear that! People that follow instructions make the session feel enjoyable. If everyone did what ATC ask there won’t be problems, but unfortunately it isn’t like that.
Hope you have a great time flying! ✌


That’s really clever - and yeah cudos to the ATC - they are doing an absolutely outstanding job managing the increase in traffic


Glad to hear that! I controlled KFLL Ground for 1 hour and 30 min and didn’t ghost anyone! That was a amazing session!


I’m tearing up, this is beautiful.


I full heartedly agree with you. The ATC today was out of this world. How they did it? I have no clue, but they pulled it off as they always do!

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i think most of IGIFATC is good control.

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