Shoutout to THIS pilot

I would like to throw a huge thank you to whoever this guy is! You know who you are lol. I stepped in to control and had him entering the wrong (06) runway. He stopped as soon as I popped on and taxied off requesting permission to taxi to 24! This guy is the real MVP! He stopped and he adapted when a controller got on instead of just flooring it and taking off…just one example of a stepped up better expert server! Hope to see you all fly under me! Just don’t all flock or I’ll drown in your wings😂
And yes the menu bar and log doesn’t show what I just said this picture I took right before he took off because I wanted to have something to show.


Bravo to basically anyone who actually, fully, does what ATC instructs especially on Training Server, since alot of people who used to be able to fly on Expert and who were able to fly properly on expert are now stuck on Training for a while, and yeah, lets just say we all know what goes on in training server :/


I hope you mean Expert almost no one listens on the TSs.

He means that he wants to say thanks to people who follow controllers, especially on the training server as it is unexpected.


Excellent work! And thank you for posting the kudos, it’s nice to read positive threads on here.


Hey not all pilots are crazy insane nimrods who got their lisence at the swift tap of the buy button. Some are pretty decent like this guy!


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