Shoutout to the devs and the I.F team

。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆ 。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆ 。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆


To the devs and the team on the IFC,
Here’s a big thanks from all and me,
And to the crews backstage that we never really see.
For the work and dedication that you all put in,
Every single day and the respect that you win.

Here’s a little thing since the last update,
You’ll get nothing but praise and less than zero hate,
From this virtual pilot who has flown in the skies,
Since the days of the spacecraft and the single region flies.

You’ve created something epic and please don’t forget,
The work and dedication makes us never regret,
From the old to the new, it gets better every time,
The sound of those engines is truly sublime.

Thank you again and here’s a big thumbs up!

Good times.

。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆ 。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆ 。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆


Thank you so much to the devs and all the testers too, this wouldn’t be possible without you.

Thank you!

Beautiful poem, @Helmethead!


Appreciation is large 💯

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Wow! Thats great.

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