Shoutout to NZAA ATC

╭─━━━━━━━━ ★,。・: :・゚☆ 。・: *:・゚★─━━━━━━━━╮

Tonight it would be Auckland ATC,
Thank you for the service and looking after me,
And the hundreds of others in the air and on the ground,
Keeping everybody so safe and sound.

Tonight it’s Qatari flight no. 921,
Heading off to Doha in the early Kiwi sun,
And thanks to your skills we have seamlessly begun.

Top precision and controlling always neat,
Showing us your skills and you never missed a beat.
The service you provide and nobody can hide,
Your skills and knowledge that keeps the virtual skies alive.

So thank you once again all team IFATC,
Appreciated, skilled and top quality,
Keep doing what you’re doing 'cos you’re doing it best,
Always well received and extremely impressed.

Good times.

★,。・: :・゚☆。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆ 。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆。・: :・゚★


Great Poetry skills!

this makes me happy to see a post thanking the IFATC instead of post complaining!

Thank you! And of course thank you Auckland ATC!

Edit: Basic English Skills


Another poem I see @Helmethead image

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Always love reading your poems and it’s fantastic to see some appreciation to the hard working members of IFATC.


You are now my new favourite person on the IFC 😂 Those poet skills are really on point, you have real skill, and your presentation is absolutely super, bravo! Looks like @JoshFly8 has got a bit of competition 🤪


A wonderful poem as always, Helmethead.
Honored to be one of the IFATC on the controlling end of one of your poems once again. Always a pleasure to provide service :)

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Thank you for this wonderful poem! It’s always nice to see positive feedback for IFATC!

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just took off from NZAA and what a great service we all got. this is my first time on the expert server and i have to say, my mind was put to ease. A lot of traffic and a lot of controlling to do but everyone was patient. true pros.

thanks guys



Took off out of NZAA about 5 hours ago bound for Brisbane. Constant stream of arrivals, and yet the tower controller still managed to get everyone out and it was only a 15 minute wait.

Superb job, @Ray_Wang


Great poem

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Can I use it for my poetry project I’m doing for school?


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If you like, don’t blame me for any red crosses though 🤣

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Unfortunately I have a theme that’s not Auckland ATC, but…

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Like Cign said, you’re also my new favourite person on the forum lol. We IFATC appreciate it very much- NZAA was especially busy that night. Controlling tower was fun but a challenge at the same time. I’m sure @Olivier999 @Enrique_Fernandez appreciate this too as they were my radar counterparts during that time period, 1500z-1600z. 😃

One thing I do want to mention if anyone looks here, please please please exit the runway as quick as you can in the busy airports(if you’re told to expedite) spacing is limited and often aircraft could have taken an earlier exit but they choose to taxi down the runway at 35knts for the next one. This can cause spacing for two departures to go down to one, very inefficient.


Thank you for the appreciation! IFATC is very grateful and thankful.


Yes ! Thanks for the support. NZAA was sooooo busy when I controlled it earlier.

Well done to everyone who controlled it !

Thanks for the support :)

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Great poem! I enjoyed reading this.

Thank you for your appreciation and for stopping by the Airport!

Can’t wait to see the next poem you do!


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Thanks for the poem

From IFATC BritishAirways001

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Thank you very much for the nice word!

Good to see you all!


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