Shoutout to MROC ATC

Juan Santamaria (and all) ATC,
Twice today you’ve looked after me,
And several hundred others,
Through ground and tower,
Showing us all the knowledge and the power,

There were lots of us there and we really care,
And appreciate it all on the tarmac and the air,
We know you were busy and you handled it well,
Smooth as silk and it really went swell,

A great day out and the flight list checked,
And thank you once again for what you have done.
It’s liked every day and again you have won,
Appreciation from the pilots and a lot of respect.

Good times.


I thank you for your good wishes,
But after this; I best be doing the dishes,
Too many aircraft in the air,
Too many, just don’t care!

Although my mission is done,
As a team; we haven’t quite won,
For there will be hundreds more coming around,
Hundreds more will be coming down!

As IFATC we see,
That pilot’s like you and me,
Love the service it provides,
Comments like these; makes us cry!

From all of us at IFATC,
We want to thank you… Thank you with glee!


OMG @Balloonchaser and @Helmethead can you all help me with my literature assignment? We are supposed to create a poem on social class but I can’t think of anything.


Same thoughts 🤷‍♂️


Shoutout to @VulicityHD


I agree I have just finished my flight . ATC gave me a right 360 on my arrival then vectors away just as I reached the cone for spacing then brought me on on a final with an aircraft just airborne as I touched down. Perfect timings from expert ATC Today well done to everyone involved.Just great 👍🏻


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