Shoutout to Manchester ATC

Manchester Airport ATC,
That’s twice today you’ve accommodated me,
TimShan on the ground and TRIO on approach,
MWE in the tower showing the skills and the power,
A superb service every minute every hour.

So to all of the ATC ladies and gents,
You earn the respect and it’s truly well meant,
The job you do is sweet and I do appreciate,
The wicked flight experience that you always create.

Another great time and truly seamless thing,
Controlling skills like the air traffic kings.
Keep the job and let it be told,
Flying on live will never get old.

Good times.


And we would now like to introduce our first poet in the IFC, Mr. @Helmethead


IFC has a poet
and we didnt even know it


Beautiful. Tears in my eyes
A poet is born. I ain’t telling lies.


I’m jealous that my name couldn’t be in such a wonderful poem like this.

Thank you very much for supporting IFATC.

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Thank you so much! It means a lot 😁 I believe I was your controller twice today.

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Another great Poem, man! I love your poems, they’re really good. Keep it up!

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You was the atc ?

Wow, amazing poem! Keep it up IFC poet!

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This poem was so good,
I fell out of my bed,
It hit harder than,
Lightning on Sheryl’s She Shed


Lovely poet! As an IFATC it’s awesome to see something else than complaints :))

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Contradictory to what a few of us believe, I think our ATC is amazing! Thank you all Air traffic controllers (you too training server ATC)!

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100% agree to you! I flew in to Manchester yesterday and it’s was nuts… don’t know how youi manage it :)

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