Shoutout to EGCC ATC

I just wanted to say a big shoutout to all the controllers who are controlling Manchester. I just love seeing how planes are transferred from center to approach, to tower, and then ground. You guys are so efficient and I’m so glad we have you as our controllers.
Keep it up guys!


I thank you for your best wishes,
I didn’t control at all today,
But I shall relay
This to the fellow ATCs
I shall be honest
This poem isn’t flawless
Unlike @Balloonchaser’s
However, this really helps me practice!

Tomorrow, I have a test
What I am doing here? I don’t know
But I hope my teacher will be impressed.
This poem isn’t really about appreciating your appreciation,
But really helping me practice my Literature test!
Once again, I thank you for your shout out
No doubt
Fellow ATCs will really be happy!

I shall not be naggy anymore
I still have a test to care for!

Thank you from all of us at IFATC!


Thanks a lot for this! It definitely makes me feel good after a long session!


Yesterday was a real mess, but today seems to be very good!

It is really fantastic to see IFATC getting praise rather than people whining. IFATC is a fantastic team and in no way an easy job! Sometimes things to get lousy but that is not ATC’s fault its ignorant pilots trying to get down as quick as possible. Well done IFATC!!

Cign :)

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IFATC have a very easy job when pilots are listening to instructions properly, so you gotta thank yourself for it :)

@United2 aren’t you controlling that right now?

I feel bad for these people controlling.

Yah, just finished up 1 hour on ground

Thank you. I was controlling tower and atis for 1h30m today and it was fun!

What happened yesterday?

There was a lot people complaining because of the bad pilots being and not follow instructions or there was just too many.

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