Shoutout to CYYZ ATC


Toronto Pearson ATC,
Thank you so much for looking after me,
At a very busy time with planes along the line,
You handled it well and you truly were sublime.

It’s been 5 months now out of the virtual skies,
Returning once again and it comes as no surprise,
That IFATC still have the skills and the know,
To keep those planes in a continued rapid flow.

The ground and tower always blooming like a flower,
Showing all us pilots your knowledge and your power,
To keep Infinite Flight running all day and night,
And it’s very well appreciated at every single sight.

So please carry on doing as you do,
It’s always well appreciated,
Here’s a big “thank you”.



Oh wow , nice poem

And yeah I agree, I didn’t even dare to land at CYYZ because I didn’t want to cause more problems so I flew to Ottawa instead.

Our IFATCs deserve recognition for their courage.



Nice poem and welcome back! 🎉 ✈️


im flying in there right now after a long flight from santiago

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If you were flying in the airspace within the last hour and 30 mins, I was ATC during this time. The name is familiar. ATCs work is really unappreciated, glad that you out of your own generosity wrote this great poem! Welcome back also, hope to see you in the skies!


Welcome back!

Always good to see Pilots return!

IFATC appreciates this poem! (Including me)


Great poem! I’m sure the controllers who were active will be very pleased to read this as well as all of IFATC (including me)


I’m happy to hear that you had a great control at CYYZ! At IFATC we are trying our best to give the best to the pilot in terms of controlling so when we saw this kind of message is just wonderful, it wasn’t me at the ATC but since I’m IFATC I’m glad to hear that colleagues are doing a great job!


Welcome back my friend and well written poem! Happy you enjoyed the service into Toronto!


Welcome back! Love seeing people return to the skies, and that is a beautiful poem you got there.

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I was on IFATC @ CYYZ during an event and holy crap. I wanted to get everyone out but it was so hard. I feel bad when I have to hold everyone because there are aircraft in the way. We have very strict rules to follow, but I hope we provided everyone with an amazing experience!

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