Shoutout to Atlanta ATC

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta control,
Showing us how to really rock 'n roll,
An extremely busy airspace but perfect to the tee,
Direct and precise and a great place to be.

8 different people all working away,
Seamlessly together and I really must say,
The job you have done is truly immense,
The expert direction in every single sense.

Dozens of planes in the air and all around,
Departure, approach, tower and the ground,
Handled it well with the magical sound,
Of a pin sharp service that’s truly profound,

So thank you again for the service and the time,
Your efforts and skills are truly sublime,
No matter how busy, you always seem to shine.

But you’ll get a complaint every now and again,
Not from me though - 10/10.

Good times.


OMG I have stepped back into the times of Alfred Tennyson. Great poem!

Thanks for giving ATC a shout out in a positive way for once too :)

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Here’s just some of the team that’s been working so hard to provide great service!

Also, @RTG113 was controlling approach from a nearby airport because we ran out of frequencies…

I mean, the work was incredible.

Thanks for the kind words and the great poem.


Where’s the “haha” reaction when you need it?

Great job, team.


Great poem and fantastic job by ATC…my first FNF in about 6 months.

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Is it just me or does this FNF hit different than other ones? 🤔😂


This one is definitely near the top especially how organized it’s been with 300 inbounds earlier.


Absolutely I agree, I’d really like to thank IFATC for their services today, especially the fact that I was a pain for them probably 😂


Thanks from me as well. Epic job 👏👏

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