Shoutout from a Fedex First Officer

Who likes a shout out from a real world pilot? I do. Last night, my buddy Cliff, who is a first officer at Fedex was flying KMSP-KIND on board FDX1661. As he departed MSP, and switched to departure he said my name. The following link will take you to the LiveATC recording. The shout out starts at 29:30 and ends at 30:50. Enjoy. Link to ATC recording


Just a blank page… I’ve refreshed it 3 times…

That Is amazing just amazing

Use a different browser

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That’s pretty awesome! Looks like you know people 😉

I know just a “few” people. It’s all about connections


Oh I wish I could have one of these for myself.

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I didn’t know he was gonna do it. He let me know he was flying and I told him I was gonna listen

Didn’t hear a thing about a shout out

Go to the time stamp. It’s Fedex1661 and when they go switched from tower to departure, my buddy says, “Over to departure, we’all see ya Ryan.”

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Oh, so that’s how it came along 😄👍


Hmm all I’ve heard is “Departure 557”.

I’ve listened till the end from the starting point 29:30. I heard we’ll see ya ryan like you said. Good thing you have a pilot friend (not sure)?


Listen in the time stamp frame

Thanks for listening. Yeah he is a pilot friend.

OH you’re lucky I’m telling ya.

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Oooh dude I hear it. That is cool how you have a friend that can do that.

Lucky you! Great to have a pilot friend!

Meeting the controllers is awesome too. Sometimes when I fly into local airports they call my brother and I out by name on freq lol

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Yeah. I wished I trained/fly out of a controlled field.