Shoutout for ATC staff

i would like to shoutout @Driscan for being atc at KDFW i just want say thank you for giving me taxi instructions to my gate that was one of the few times that i have been told that and i really have fun when atc dose that so once again thank you


Yes @Driscan is very good controller, I also remember him giving me taxi instructions at Istanbul one evening as EK121 from Dubai it was very cool thanks Driscan! Much appreciated


yeah i was American 624 from DCA - DFW with the 319 and @Driscan we need more controllers like him it makes the airport run so smoothly


IFATC members that are also part of IFAET have this access. I definitely try to use this feature as much as I can because it makes my job a lot easier

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the same thing just happened which i love @Driscan gave me taxi instructions at dfw and made sure the airport is running smoothly for everyone

Thank you so much for being an amazing ATC

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Thanks for your kind words, hope you had a nice flight :) Drag and Taxi is a helpful tool to run Ground smoothly. I try to use it as much as I can. It’s not available at every airport at the moment but I’m sure you will see this feature more frequently in the future.


you must lmk what airports this feature is at it is amazing and a a nice feature to think about

I know it’s at KLAX, KSAN, KDFW, KORD, LFTM and MYNN

sweet thank you so much

KSDF, KDTW, and KATL also have taxi feature. I’m sure there’s more.

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Sorry to tell you, but is not correct! I´m not an IFAET and in KDFW and CYYZ i could also give the Taxi command.

So i think every Controller could give this Commands.

Nice Day

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Correct, all IFATC ground controllers can use the drag and taxi (DAT) at airports where it’s supported in 23.3 release.

I’ve used it at KORD, KDTW, KATL, KSDF and EHAM with the most recent release. Many new airports and newly updated airports seem to have DAT/taxi instruction functionality.

There’s still some quirks with taxi feature but it’s great when it works, assuming pilots follow the taxi instruction😂


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If not! We all know what will happen then! 🫣

I think it’s also at KDFW If I’m correct.

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