Shout out to the ATC at KSFO today!

I have never made a topic before so excuse me if this seems less impressive than other topics. I just wanted to make this post to say thank you to everyone at KSFO, especially the ATC. They were incredibly efficient getting planes in and out. I also have to shout out the other pilots flying in and out of KSFO, for the time I was there it seemed like everyone was very professional and conducted themselves very well on the tarmac.

All in all great time at KSFO, hope everyone else had a similar experience. Thanks again to the Air Traffic Controllers tonight and fly safe everyone!

  • APilotNamedChris

I agree! Even though I didn’t fly into SFO, in order to spare my phone from total misery, I was able to tune into ATC from overhead. I also applaud the pilots landing in those rough winds, turbulence, and gusts.


How many knots of winds?

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18kt26gs at one point


Yeah it was a bit spicy coming in but on the way out it was pretty chill


Except for nocal center, which constantly called that you are in an active airspace; while in Oakland Center, while on with SFO tower, while on the ground at SFO…new fewer than 30 times. How do we report these people? This was ridiculous. This turned an enjoyable 3 hour flight into a very unpleasant flight…this was on the training server.

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Hey @RedLeg_Tactical,

Welcome to the community. Sorry for the unpleasant ATC experience. However, on the training server, not much can be done. This would not happen on the Expert server though.


You disgrace!

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