Shout Out to KJFK airport in training server

Hey everyone, recently I was practicing some ATC sessions at KJFK in training server and my experience has been very good. I witnessed a lot of pilots who were quite known to the atc commands and did follow most of my commands. There are some exceptions, but overall the experience was really good. Even the traffic picked up and had quite a good aircrafts on my frequencies. As when people like to practice with high volume on training server, most of the times they try to open EGLL or KLAX but I would like to put KJFK up there with them too. Also, the airport and runway layout is quite interesting as well which can help the atc work with more runway crossings and other atc commands. I hope the ones who want to practice try KJFK. Thanks!


Yes I was controlling there earlier today and people actually know what hold short means!


The best part is everyone request taxi to 04L even though the runway is a bit out of the terminal area and requires long taxi.


I like the layout of KJFK, but it constantly attracts the kind of trolls who take off without clearance and then immediately do a 180 to land on the same runway. I can’t do 30 minutes there without getting someone like this.

IMO the best strategy on Training Server is to pick an airport with an interesting layout that’s CLOSE to KJFK, EGLL, or KLAX, so that you attract people doing short flights to/from those airports but don’t get as many trolls.