Shout out to Heavy Diver on Tower at RJBB

Awesome job from the Tower dude, you were movin’ us out !


Get lucky occasionally… I don’t control that much anymore. More like your awesome approach controllers making it possible. @Ethan_Hansen @Bobby and @Chris_Hoover


Yes, excellent job controlling. Also, I believe Kansai’s ICAO code is RJBB, not RBJJ?


It’s all about the smoothness of the operation and the controllers coming together to ensure that aircraft are being vectored into their destination efficiently and safely. That is what is great about IFATC, you all get to come together on busy nights like this, share and show off your knowledge as a controller, and get the job done. I am glad you had a great experience today at Kansai. Cheers!


Heavy Diver is one of the few irl airline pilots on the sim…would you expect any less…he also spends some time in the Coral Reefs !

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