Shout Out/Thank you Henrik

I just wanted to give a huge Thank you/Shout out to @Henrik in the recent days I have had so many questions some of them being very simple and some requiring some digging around. But he has answered all my questions within 10 minutes of me asking them, and without getting impatient. I have just been promoted to a regular(TL3) which means being more active on the forum, so there are many new things in that trust level (Lounge, Very light Modertaion, etc…). I want to help the community grow in any way possible and eventually become a moderator for the forum, I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for 2 years and have been apart of the community for 1 Year and 15 days (Exactly) and I feel like in that time I haven’t done enough in community or helped enough.So if you have any questions or comments PM me. If you have any advanced questions about the forum or Infinite Flight in general contact @Henrik he will answer your question quick & comprehensively. Thanks for reading. See you in the Skies✈️

P.S. Don’t spam him, or ask him unnecessary questions. He probably has better things to do rather than deal with annoying people.


Yes, @Henrik’s lack of a life makes him very useful as a forum mod :)


Sorry for moving your topic back. It’s apparent that @IceBlue doesn’t know the category definitions. ;)

But anyway, thanks. It’s a pleasure helping you guys. :)


How much did you pay @XRodriguez7 to say this?


He actually paid me…


I thought it was supposed to be in general but I didint want to argue.😕

But in all seriousness thank you a lot @Henrik this will help better me in the community.

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As a regular you gotta start solving problems yourself. Welcome onboard

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Yes i understand @HV9690 I just had a few questions to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Thank You!

Welcome to the regular world!


It’s kind of creepy how fast moderators reply to messages. Do they put an implant in your brain or something? Anyways, you are awesome @Henrik and you too @Carson.


Thank You!😂

@Henrik is a great mod! He changed my username with no hassle 👍 Thanks!


Its creepy but cool at the same time.😂 And yes you do a great job too @Carson. 👍

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