Shouldn't they announce FNF earlier?

Shouldn’t they announce FNF earlier? I mean like when they announce FNF’s they don’t give time for people to fly in.

Let’s say they announce it. They usually announce it. They usually announce it at night for me. That doesn’t give me time to fly-in. What if we are doing career mode, and we want to fly to the featured fnf airport. Let’s say they problem is you’re doing career mode but you’re in the USA and the FNF is in for say, Asia. Pretty sure some people won’t be able to fly a 15-16 hr flight without landing the next day, It’s too far! Assuming they took off late.

What I mean is that they should announce it at least 2-3 days before?


It’s usually released thursday afternoon for me…

That gives you enough time imo


Well, FNF lasts from 0600Z to 0600Z (a whole 24 hours). It should be more than sufficient time to have you fly in, since ATC won’t switch regions until 24 hours after FNF starts.


You can PM @ MishaCamp if you would like his take on it as he posts them. Below I’ll list a few reasons as to why it’s not announced earlier from what I’ve noticed.

  1. They take time to plan and last minute things can play into the decision.
  2. People look forward to it. It creates suspense in the upcoming days.
  3. It has a history of being on that day.
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Your profile states that you are from the US West Coast so for you - the FNF is announced typically around 4-7am your time on Thursday. That gives you time to fly in during the day. It’s unfortunately the disadvantage of being in a time zone massively offset to GMT/Zulu Time.

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He is actually US East Coast time, his location is the A, Atlanta.

I do wish it was announced a bit earlier, but it's not really a big deal to me
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Well then for him its announced mid morning for him which gives him plenty of time to fly-in.

It’s usually up 11am-3pm for me, and you’re one time zone ahead of me? It doesn’t get posted at night in the US.

Well, for me, in Irish/English time, FNF is usually released around 18:00. For you in America it should be up around 10:00 on the Thursday.

Hey there! We’ll happily consider releasing it a little earlier if there is good support for this. We’ve found that the current time works well, but we are always open to change!


The FNF ‘s last for 24 hours.

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