Shouldn't my violations be gone?

Ok, bear with me. I know these kind of topics are looked down upon, but I’m kind of confused.

I might be wrong, but I believe I should be allowed back on to the expert server. During last week’s FNF, I flew from PABE to PANC. I left mid-flight because I was going out to dinner, but somehow, after I left the server, I had picked up 6 violations from overspeeding. Below is evidence, however how I got the violations is not my concern.

My true concern is that I believe it’s been 7 full days since the 6th of April. I did the math, and I also googled it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but violations are supposed to roll off after 7 days of getting them. So why aren’t they gone? At least I should be a grade 3. I’ve highlighted the area I’m interested in below:

Again, I could be missing something, but I’d appreciate any answer.

This might be a support topic. Oops.

Do a short flight on Casual to gain some XP. That should clear it up

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Now usually a quick flight on casual will do the trick.


Does it have to be a full flight with a landing? Or can I just takeoff?

Edit: I should probably follow the instructions on a post that a moderator likes…

Just some pattern work should do the trick.

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Welp, I sat at a gate for 5 minutes, and that fixed my problem. Thanks for the help, this topic can be closed now.

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