Should you say you’re on final (expert server)

So when I’m flying I will report I’m on final. Sometimes the ATC will say roger and sometimes they will say you have already been cleared to land. Should I say I’m on final or not?


If you are already in a pattern and were cleared for the option you can report final full stop to let the controller know you are ending your pattern.

Otherwise there is no need to report being on final if you are already cleared to land.

You can report your position if you are on final and were not cleared for landing as a way to alert the controller.


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Thank you for the help

No worry, you can tell on final if your destination airport were very busy and the controller do not have time to answer, I have experienced this while was FNF at SBGL a very few moments ago , i think like 6-8 months ago

I have a question about this:
When I fly patterns and plan to full stop, if I make the call that I’m in for a full stop the controller almost always says that I’m ‘already cleared, avoid unnecessary reports’. I’ve avoided making the call since

That sounds like controller error. Most of us will recognize that you’re ending pattern work and are planning to land.

This was on expert, correct?

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If you were cleared for the option/landing you dont announce final.

Well no, not really bud… under the circumstances that you are about to fully land at an airport, you MUST need atc clearance to land, final is not a clearance or a request but more of a position report (mostly when doing pattern flights), so therefore can not be used as a way of requesting to land just because the airport is busy

Anyways, @Chris_S explained your question very well…


If tower has cleared you to land, you no longer need to say you’re on final. Just land the plane.

If you were doing touch and goes, and you’re cleared for that option, you no longer have to say you’re on final.

Say you’re on final if you actually are on final, and tower has not yet cleared you to land.

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Ah ok, thank you,
Yep it was expert

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