Should you fly private? Reasons for and against

Hi all,

I am doing some research about Greta Thunberg, flight shaming, flying on a private jet etc.

I have found this article, entitled “Should you fly private?

I was wondering if you could help me come up with some more reasons on whether you should/shouldn’t fly private!

Thanks in advance!

I think the world slowly is dying, and human life itself is dying quicker, so you only live once, live it up to 45,000ft! Or move to Mars :/


Literally the only negative about flying a private jet is it costs a fortune 🤷🏼‍♂️


Airliners are more efficient for transportation than private jets. They transport many times more people than private planes, at somewhat higher fuel costs. But then again, private flying is 100 times better for passenger experience. It’s efficiency or experience, your preference.

Well, here’s an interesting thing;

Flying on private jets is actually one of the most “eco-friendly” ways of traveling long distances. While it may seem entitled and spoiled, due to the fact that they fly at Flight levels up to FL460 means that they waste incredibly less amounts of fuel. And, due to this they don’t harm the environment as much as normal airliners do. They are small and versatile which is yet another plus. The problem is however, we cant all have private jets or that would make an issue for us.

I think that Greta has gone a bit too far. Personally, I don’t agree with her at any extent because she’s acting as if the whole world relies on her, and she acts as if she’s the only person in the world that fights against pollution etc.

Hope this helps!


Private jets are very eco friendly. Shame on Greta for shaming aviation!!


Yet her family probably owns like 3 private jets and 2 yachts. I personally don’t and wouldn’t trust anything she says.


And what about the people who are alive once you’re gone? 🤨

That’s basically her entire point, the adults don’t care as much anymore but the young generation needs to have a voice.

Just let you know, we charge about 8,000$ (USD) for our private jet, its worth it!

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Why fly private:

  • Less stress on the mind.
  • Don’t worry about delays of other passengers
  • Not dealing with passager for example: bad behavior etc…

Why NOT:
It cost to much. Ig you have the money then great if you don’t then…

Guys, let’s stop attacking Thunberg for the things she says/does. Everyone deserves their own opinion. The IFC is a place to discuss productive and thought-provoking ideas.

In mine, I believe that private aircraft are better for both the environment and passenger experience. But of course, they’re super expensive. One could argue that airliners are more efficient as they carry more passengers, but then again, their emissions are higher and they also cost much more to maintain.

Not sure about anyone else but I would rather fly commercial in first class. I bet the catering is better and I have a belief that it’s safer for some reason, not sure on the actual facts but I’m not a fan of smaller aircraft.

While this may be an interesting topic regarding aviation, the IFC is an Infinite Flight community, not a general aviation.