Should you check flight radar 24 to see which runway they are using for arrival for realism purposes?

I don’t know if it’s only me only but I would usually check Flight Radar 24 and see which runway the airport use for landing, is this one way to make the flight more realistic?

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Yep, but the weather info in Infinite Flight might be slightly different so looking at the available runways in IF is important as well.

Edit: ‘Windy’ is a good app to look at the current weather on different altitudes.

I could understand this pursuit to realism as I really love parallel flights (copying live flights in FR24 at that same time IRL), but when for some reason the wind direction in IF gets to be the opposite of real life (maybe due to their network reasons) - I’d still rather land with a headwind instead of tailwind whenever the option arises, as opposed to forcing to chose the “correct” runway at that time. It sort of… challenging me as an IF-Pilot to think out of the box to do the right thing. That’s a deeper, reasons-for-realism for me.
But just FYI, the active runways in IF has been pretty accurate in my case so far, though.

But here's a challenge...

…and it has happened before: You are flying live then a dignitary from another country is arriving at your destination airport in real life. That runway IRL and all other runways in that airport is now temporarily closed for one hour and all arrivals must divert - I don’t know if this runway closure information would get relayed into the system and affect IF’s active runways in-game, I found out too late in youtube lol, wished I could check that out at that exact moment in time.

Windy is indeed an amazing app! Another useful app that I’d use is AviationWeather. This will give you METAR, TAF and some other useful information of an airport.

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