Should we use ATC Schedule in one thread?

I personally think this would be a good idea for the IFC. For each week there would be a drop down with the schedule. We could also post FNF information for the week! This is possible as right now comments aren’t allowed on the schedule threads. It would be good because:

  1. For any people that are searching for the current schedule or for past ones it would all be in one place.

  2. It would overall organize the IFC as there wouldn’t be a ton of separate topics for each week.

Just my thought, why don’t I hear yours:

  • Yes!
  • No.

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There’s two. Not a ton.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re after. Both threads are pinned when applicable. How could they possibly be easier to find?


You can find all of the past ATC schedules here:

After each week, the schedule is unpinned and isn’t ever seen again, so the system is pretty organized as is. Making a separate thread would defeat the whole purpose of closing the schedule thread in the first place.

Well, 2 per week and about 52 weeks in a year, we’re looking at over 100 topics. It would be easier if you needed to reference a previous schedule instead of going through many other topics it would be in just one. It’s just a though and I felt it would just be a little nicer.

I agree with @Tim_B.

The process is already very very simple. You wouldn’t need a thread for ALL ATC schedules, as most likely, nobody will ever use them again, besides for past reference.

Why does a previous schedule need to be accessed anyways? I believe I’m missing what you’re after here. It’s pinned and easily accessible. The others can be found by typing “ATC Schedule” or viewing my activity.


Ya but it’s like let’s say you want to find the last time ksfo was featured, you could just click the drop down and quickly scroll through dates instead of having to go through individual topics.
But I understand where you’re coming from.

So, you want the thread for the schedule from April 2018 to be in the same thread as this week? Why?

It’s not applicable, and never will be again. If one person feels like looking through history, just go to Tyler’s profile and look at his topics. There they all are.

It seems like a feature should solve some sort of defect or problem. As I see it, cluttering this week’s schedule with the schedule from a year ago doesn’t solve any discernible issue.

I ask again, what problem are you solving by combining active schedules with schedules with no bearing?

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If the ATC schedule were in the same thread, it’ll probably be closed by 10000 replies and I think it’s a horrible idea. My opinion.

I really don’t know why you want to check what airports that have been featured earlier, there is no need for that, also people may look at the wrong week since there will be over 100 different atc schedule in one topics instead of 100 separate topics where those we actually need are pinned

The schedule are closed for a reason, to not spam down the topic, if everyone one were in one topic that topic would be so spammed down that you wouldn’t find any atc schedules

There’s no problem to be solved, just to improve the current system. Also we do not necessarily need all of those really old threads. I just think it would make things more organized. It’s obvious @Tyler_Shelton the person kind of in charge, is not for the idea and if he really doesn’t like like it than the topic can be closed.


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Well, I’ve already lost plenty of brain cells already, but, if it doesn’t solve any problems, then why change?

More organized than having the only two active threads pinned when they’re active and any clutter out of the way?

Seems to define efficient as it is.

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This is just going to confuse things

Well “Clutter out of the way” doesn’t really help your argument. I’m not saying put all the old topics into one big thread but instead put any new schedules in one. I mean it would be easier to facilitate as well as it’s one topic that doesn’t need to be altered with pinning and unpinning.

You really don’t have to worry anyways. This won’t happen seeing over 50% of voters don’t want it.

Plus there is a beautiful search button on the top right corner which you can use to search for other ATC schedule topics :)

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But, you see how if we started now, this week’s thread would become old if we kept adding to it, right?

So whether you choose the last as your datum or now, you get a thread with old schedules.

Not a big fan of repeating myself. I guess I do things others don’t lol

Actually quite simple;


Cannot be any simpler