Should we have a more advanced Flight System and FLP?

Well I kinda think there should be a system like FSX where the actual buttons work and not for display like Infinite Flight They should also have a WORKING FMC don’t you agree?

No I don’t agree because some displays are too small for this. Remember, IF is a game for mobile devices and tablets. Not computers.

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No but if you have a zoom option this would fix all that

Yeah i suppose but still I don’t feel like it’s a good idea.

Well although it may be more compicated I thing it would attract more customers and would give that Real feel to each and every aircraft

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*think sorry for spelling

You just could’ve edited your post. ;)

I think that this is something worth to consider at least.

Yea sorry didn’t see that at the time

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Srsly we should update the flight system because I and a lot of other people want more realism in the future but it is good for now.

You know what I think, I think they should add a search bar where you can type out a certain waypoint name instead of looking for it

You should close this topic as there already is one about working instruments

I would love a fully functioning FMC, but you have to think about the general appeal of the sim. For most causal users, a full FMC will go waaay over their head, and they will have no idea on things like SID/STARs, Cost Index, and even the realistic routing options like entering an airway with entry/exit points.

Adding onto that, please wait until you reach the member trust level to post in #features. :)

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Yes you should wait because like @Tecnam2TA said you csant post features topics until your a member @DeltaMan

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I had a similar idea, but I wanted it exported to the IF website, where the FPL saves to your account and it can be imported once you login to your device.

@British-Airways this could solve your small screen issue.

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Of course it would be great to have a more advanced flight planning system, but features like this takes time to build - there are also other things that are more important at this time.