Should unrealistic liveries be removed?

Hey there,
I’ve a question for you all:

Should IF remove liveries which don’t exist in real life?

For me personally it’s almost annoying to see planes with liveries which aren’t flying in the real world and never have been. We all know the A380 livery (Transaero) or the UPS A33F, but they’re not used often. Inaccurate for example is the frequently used Delta 787-8. Delta never has and will operate the 787, they chose the A359.

What do you think? Should they remove those liveries?


Air Austral cancelled their 2 piece A380 order but it was still added to IF anyway. noticed you left that out


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I am not really sure. I sort of like made up liveries but, but they are a bit unrealistic. However, this is up to personal opinion. Mine? I don’t really mind. 😉

My point is that IF only has „realistic“ liveries, meaning every livery in IF was or is flying in the real world. All liveries I mean are orders which never were delivered, so why not simply remove those?


No, They shouldn’t.

If you don’t like to see users flying it, just ignore it. If you won’t fly it, just don’t. It would be unfair to users who like them for them to be removed :)


These liveries should be removed. Not fun seeing a Delta B788 in the skies when it is not used irl


Got your point, but if you see it like that, everyone could be mad because their favorite ac doesn’t have a certain (not real-world) livery.

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It depends whether the realism is on every aspect of the simulator or not. If it is, they should be removed. But if you noted, and analyzed not everything is 100% realistic here. We don’t have FMC, we have infinite flight liveries, we don’t have a radio panel (like in some PC simulators), we don’t have taxiway lights, but hey in my opinion this is the most realistic simulator for mobile.

To be honest, it won’t change that much to the user experience, it is just an appearance.

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Yes… Also, Turkish Airlines doesn’t have the old livery but in IF, Turkish Airlines b737-700 has old livery. Also Turkish Airlines just have 1 b737-700 and it will be sold in the future.

I need to agree .
Is very unrealistic to see someone flying an Delta 787 or an Air Austral A380.
I think those liveries should be removed and replaced with other real existent liveries .


Me I’m old school. Keep em ! I love all of the older retros and wouldn’t mind more ! Just my 2 cents .

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That’s not in the game, the UPS, Turkisj Air Cargo, and Etihad liveries are in game

My mistake, meant the UPS one. Gonna fix it :)

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Maybe you misunderstood me. I’m not asking to remove liveries like the US Airways A320 or any retro livery, only liveries which were never painted on the plane in real life. :)

If realism matters the most, i definitely think they should remove it. There should, however be a similar alternative. Take the DL788 as an example, in my opinion they should keep it, and when and if the Delta A350 comes, they could remove it. I don’t think they should limit the “customer” except when there is a similar product they can offer, in this case the A350 instead of 787


Well, the Delta 788 was rolled out and testing started on the aircraft before the order was cancelled.
Sure, not everyone flies one of these liveries, but I do think that at least one or more people love these liveries and they think that the devs won’t remove them. I think so far the only livery that’s been removed was the US air A321, which was quite some time ago :)

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The Delta 787 is nice to use until we have the A359.

Thanks for the question! I’d be happy to give our take from an official perspective!

No, they shouldn’t be removed. One of the beauties of Infinite Flight, or any sim really, is having the ability to recreate scenarios that may not be possible for you in reality. There’s many retired airlines, aircraft, and even airports that can be celebrated for years to come through simulation. We have included and kept these aircraft/liveries in the app, even after being decommissioned in real life, to provide an opportunity for our users to experience a bit of history.

If we applied the same “remove it because it’s not realistic” logic across the board, then things like the Concorde would be removed entirely from future consideration. We feel that all parts of aviation, whether past or present, deserve to be enjoyed on Infinite Flight.


I like the view Tyler gave. Anyways from my point of view. I feel this doesn’t lower my experience and I can live with “unrealistic liveries” as I get to choose what I want to fly and when. I don’t have to fly them if I don’t want to. It’s just kind of there. Overall, it doesn’t really bug me as I have the choice of what to fly and can avoid them if it actually bugged me.

If that’s the case… then should the MD11, DC-10… etc. be removed? Just asking!