Should Trialing Aircraft be an option?

Yeah exactly its avery expensive simulator but that’s worth it for the quality but i like to know what im getting before i fork over my money

I’m saying there are people who buy a new aircraft just to enjoy it for a while and then barely every fly it again. A free trial would fulfill that curiosity for some and no money would be gained from the experience. What you are proposing will not result in more sales.

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Exsactly what happened to me with the f22

I am upset to hear you do not fly the f22 more often!

I find it too hard to control and no matter what i do it just crashes id rather stay with the f18

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You just need to practice. That’s not a reason for a refund. :)

This isnt just about the f22 it should be applies to regions aswell

Can’t help but feel like that’s a bit deep for what we’re talking about.

That’s what I thought

How would one stop someone from making a bunch of accounts to do hour long trials again and again, and never purchasing the planes?

Well that’s the same for banning people on the forum we just have to trust in the people who play the game and it would be another £5 for the app

Once the app is downloaded, you can sign in with a different iTunes account and not have the app be disabled, at least in prior iOS builds.

Yes but you cant restore purchases etc

Instead of complaining about free trials, how about we just support the great team that has made this all possibe (single player, multi, live ATC, podcasts, simulation quality physics, etc) and buy them…I’m all for a test run of a pre-determined “short final” test that has a super small map, but trying to get a 2 hour trial is a bit much.

Notice how many times in this post that ive said the game is grat: (here are a few)

Isn’t that the point I’m making, you keep making accounts so you would never have to purchase.

there would need to be some rules in place - perhaps they should be regstered to device not account

If users were able to trial for only 2 minute intervals, then it wouldn’t matter how many accounts they made. Maybe even make it where you can only do the timed trial in solo mode. (Not saying whether I support this thread or not)

2 minutes is much too short to even taxi with the aircraft

2 minutes is long enough to takeoff and get a feel for the aircarft. Just enough to determine whether you like it or hate it. I was just using that as an example. Maybe even 4 or 5 minutes.

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