Should Trialing Aircraft be an option?

I like the idea.

Thanks i think it would really better the entire game

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I agree :)

On Xplane 10 there’s a 60 second trial for aircraft or a 24 trial for an aircraft if you share it on social media!

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That seems like a good idea tbh

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Perhaps it could be a point based system say forthe every 100 landings you get a point then one point = 30 minutes and you can keep racking them up

That is a ridiculous statement. What you’re effectively saying is that it’s right for people to be unaware of the quality of what they’re buying as it helps the developer make money, when in fact the quality of the item you are buying should be the selling point. I think it’s only fair that before I buy the A330 I am made aware that it is an old flight model, instead of me buying it on the pretence that it is similar to the 787. It’s wrong for you to say that it would harm the developer’s income, as if the developer’s work is good people will buy the aircraft after the trial period is over. If the aircraft is of poor quality, this should be known to the customer before they make a purchase.


Elsa toy this is why stores have return policies

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Free samples?

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1-2 hours seems reasonable.

I think you should get a 20 min trial, maximum number of trials: 1 every week or so.

I say this as I’m kind of disappointed in the 75&767 (nose down cruising, and the 767’s one part flap (stupid but im particular))


15 min.

Just enough time to climb out and get a feel for the aircraft. No limits on trials taken.


I’m the same with the f22 it’s just impossible to fly

I wouldn’t find a use for it because I can afford live +, but for those who can’t would find a free trial beneficial.


I can also afford Live+ but feel like it would drive more sales of it if you got to test all aircraft.

That’s possible.

The cereal box was just an example. Understand the point and think about it. I see many of you guys asking on the forum about which plane you should buy. If you are still dissapointed after receiving feedback from hundreds of people on the forum. No.1. I suggest you stop asking.
No. 2. I suggest you make your own choice
And finally take the risk, you might buy the 757 and be like, “this ain’t great what a waste of money”. And tomorrow it gets updated and becomes the most featured plane in the game, but the price raises with it too (you got it yesterday though). Then what?. All I’m saying is that if you get a trial for everything in life, what’s the point of living.

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this is why i buy live plus :)

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Yeah I really am considering it

Many people just get an aircraft to try it out. It is fun to try new things. You’re paying for that experience.