Should Trialing Aircraft be an option?

Hi guys,

Now Infinite flight is a great game but to be honest it sure isnt cheap ,however, due to the quality of the game I am usually willing to spend £3 to £4 on a plane. But on more than one occasion I have been disappointed on aircraft and have always had the sense that it was almost a waste of money. Now the method I am proposing is that you get all aircraft unlocked in the beginning and you are able to use each aircraft for 1 hour then you must decide wether or not you want to buy this aircraft. This is not a dig at the developers as the game is great but I think this would really help improve the meta of the game.

And here’s a handy poll for you to show your opinions:

  • We should use trialing aircraft
  • We shouldn’t use trialing aircraft

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Say goodbye to everything you would’ve wanted because fewer planes will be bought. This = less funds for FDS, which = less new features.


I agree with you however, dont you think that you should at least get a go before you have to fork over your money. Perhaps a different trial aircraft every week so that people cant only trial aircraft?


Make it a time trial - you can only try it for 5 minutes and then you have the option to purchase it or not. After that trial, you’re not allowed to trial the aircraft again.


Thats what i proposals but 5 minutes is a bit short dont you think?


It’s enough to takeoff and get up in the air.


XPlane Mobile has trials but they are less than 3 minutes, but if you share it on social media, you get a 1 day trial.


FDS should jump on this bandwagon. More promotion = more funds = more features.


Yeah but still you cant do much 1 hour allows you to get equated but not used to the aircraft. Although thinking about it 20 minutes sounds more reasonable

30 minutes could be an option too. It’s enough to do a flight from KLAX to KSAN.


Think of it as buying a new box of cereal. You don’t know how it tastes like and I’m pretty sure you won’t be getting a one hour trial before buying it. Sometimes, even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it to in the end, you’ve just got to take the chance. Because we live to take risks and try new things, there was no trial I could take before I was born. Life is all about this, live it to the fullest.


Yeah maybe i like the idea of a different one every week aswell

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I think trials should be available at any time, however, you can only trial 3 aircraft every month.


I think you’re reading a bit too much into this. If i dont like a plane that i spent £4 plus £5 for live and around £3 for the game thats an £12 box of cereal that im not gonna use again

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Or what if you could even rent a model for lets say .99 or $1.99 for a few days days.

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I prefer it when we use our expertise and experience to recommend people what to buy as it’s clear to people that own all the planes what to get and what not to get

The idea is not have to spend any money unless you are sure you really want the plane

I would think the trial should only be for one hour of the account created not downloaded. Otherwise people would be able to delete then download again.


They have a device, they could watch a video of someone flying it on Live or Solo on YT

Yeah but that doesn’t give you a real experience of the plane

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