Should they add a Concorde to IF?

I feel like they should add any type of supersonic airliner, I feel like the game would be a lot more fun if they add some more classic planes. I talked to many people, some said they should add one, some said they shouldn’t, what do ya’ll think.


While this is from 2019, this is the standpoint that Infinite Flight is currently taking for the Concorde. It’s a great aircraft that is an icon, but doesn’t look like it’ll be part of the IF fleet.


The Concorde would be an amazing addition to IF but the devs have taken it out of consideration for now. Please read what Jason has said below

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it is not a game but a sim and a concorde would lag a lot if you don’t have like a latest device and people would probably annoy people with sound or other things

This is the purpose of #features