Should there be shared cockpits in Infinite flight?

If infinite flight puts this we could fly in the same cockpit together. This will be fun but I think we should pay $5 for a week and $10 for a month

  • Yes
  • No

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The prices are a no no


So bow much then? Since they a no no

Live+ Should be free
$5 for a month

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We pay enough for live and the planes and regions. We will pay even more with the release of Global so I think shared cockpit should be added with live. But, you would have to request to be in a shared cockpit and it has to be on takeoff, not mid-flight.

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I think a shared cockpit would be really cool.

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No one would pay $5 for a week when they could pay $10 for a month. Thats $2.50 a week on the monthly plan you propose. That means your paying twice as much per week for only one week. Also just to add to that, I wouldn’t personally pay extra for this anyways.


Considering how much of the community begs the devs to make certain things free, price shouldn’t be something for you guys to discuss.


I am pretty sure this has been asked before. Copilots, etc.

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Unfortunately, this is a duplicate. Please search around before posting.

For the future: Please do not include polls in a feature request. They don’t help with deciding which features to add.