Should the FAA Let Boeing work on their top secret plane?

On the internet there has been some speculation that Boeing has released new plans for the 797 but the FAA got into the works because the plane had too much thrust power do you think this is fair?

Any links to any articles?

Afraid not because the FAA closed the article down because of issues of people trying to spread the news.

Ok. It just doesn’t seem legitimate without any form of article or anything, in general.


I found an article on the plane:

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Yeah sorry but Ik sure you could look it up but the FAA closed the articlw because thye are still investigating but ill let you know when the article comes out you will probably see it on Channel 2 Action News

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Thx buddy maybe some guy copied it before the FAA deleted the other one

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I don’t think that they are working on a 797.
They are too busy with the 787-10, 777X, 737MAX


I’m sure military developments have no impact on comercial ones. Boeing also just released a new training fighter.

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🙄 Since when does the FAA police internet rumors ? 😂

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That site looks legit…

Thats because it is legit

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